Our Values

Since the day of its foundation, Petka; has succeed to make a difference with its quality, reliance, its perpetual development and innovation policy.


By choosing our suppliers from the most experienced companies from the market and combining our strengths we have always offered products with high quality raw materials to meet the expectations of our customers.


Produce quality products in accordance with standards and procedures and provide after-sales support with our expert team has always been the first matter of Petka.

Make The Difference

Our difference is our perspective on our work, our team, our future view, our work environment, our visual infographic work. Anticipate, design and live the future.


Ensure development by closely monitoring technology, providing ongoing training to our team and evaluating customer suggestions and complaints.


We design, produce and present with our innovative perspective. Our understanding of added value; we do it with our research / knowledgeable / innovative employee structure.